Stainless Steel Fab
is Our Specialty

Our experience in custom stainless steel fabrication and knowledge of the food and beverage industry makes Robinson a partner of choice for food processing equipment.


Focusing on the Details

Little can be left to chance in food processing. Not only do food processors keep consumers’ health and wellness top of mind, but so too must their suppliers. At Robinson, we take that responsibility seriously with every food-grade metal fabrication  project we take on.

Because food processors rely on our expertise to keep processing equipment sanitary, we deliver stainless steel fabrication  that meets stringent customer requirements. We work with multiple grades of stainless steel that can stand up to cleaning and sanitizing compounds. Our expert weld team members polish and finish welds to prevent food particles and dirt from accumulating in crevices.

Our attention to detail also makes it much easier for maintenance crews to clean and sanitize equipment.

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Offering More than Just a Product

At Robinson, we offer more than a stock product. We offer solutions. Our engineering and design team consults with you on equipment fabrication, sub-assemblies , handling systems, process skids and components to meet your goals.


We can also support your production process with innovative automation. Our food-grade fabrication projects often include systems that complete batch and blend operations, heating or cooling of product, and moving product to the packaging area. Thanks to our ability to supply automation features, you can standardize more parts of your process to improve efficiency.


Our expansive facilities and range of equipment  gives us the ability to complete just about any project you request. Our stainless steel fabrication is done in a dedicated space, and we have procedures in place to keep tools separated. Our dedicated stainless steel area also includes 20-ton lifting capacity for large-scale projects.

Our capabilities go beyond food processing. If you need sanitary process equipment for pharmaceutical or food applications, ask us how we can help.

Customers rely on our industrial food processing equipment to shield their operations from risk. Plus, our ability to serve as a single-source provider ensures a higher-quality product and simplifies your supply chain. No matter what your stainless steel fabrication needs, we are ready to deliver.