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If you take pride in the work you do.  If you see professional development as a tool for personal growth and value work-life balance, then Robinson may be right for you.

It was certainly right for Troy, whose commitment to doing his best and bringing his best to any work environment has led to phenomenal success at Robinson.

The type of work and success that Troy has achieved was, in some ways, very unexpected.

Before Robinson, Troy worked as a general contractor for many decades.  Following that, he worked at a fledgling restaurant, eventually becoming the successful eatery’s executive chef.

Despite many wins throughout his diverse career, Troy’s commitment to his family drove him to pursue a new job opportunity where he could have a better work-life balance and build the foundation for a prosperous financial future.

“I needed a job where I could focus on my family, and Robinson promised a great opportunity.  I met the team, and I got a really good feeling.  I knew that joining Robinson was the right move for my family.”

To his surprise, Troy was put in the coatings department, where he developed his skills, experiencing professional growth as he witnessed Robinson’s business growth simultaneously.

“I started washing parts, but then we moved locations to De Pere 2 where I saw the scope and scale of what Robinson was doing and how I was going to be part of this growth.  And that made me realize how much they trusted me and that I could trust them too.”

With this new sense of empowerment, Troy invested in paint and washing. He made the wash bay his world, ensuring he understood the whole system from beginning to end.

“That’s the thing about Robinson. They want you to be an asset.  No one is a cog here. Everyone has a role.  Everyone is an individual who’s contributing to the whole system.”

Troy’s experience at Robinson proved to be an excellent training ground for a new career and a bright and prosperous future.

“The team at Robinson let me take the reigns and become the best at what I do.  They’ve allowed me to expand my knowledge and my skills.  Even better, you can make great money here, too.”

Having recommended Robinson to some of his friends, Troy believes that Robinson is a perfect place for people who value their work, want to grow professionally, and are focused on building a bright future.

“Robinson makes it easy to want to be a good employee.  They offer great benefits, and the Employee Stock Ownership Plan means we get a share, too.  They take care of guys like me.  It’s a place where you can grow.”

Troy loves his kids and wants to build a promising future for his family.  By providing Troy and the rest of the Robinson team with a 401(k) plan, quarterly profit sharing, and ESOP retirement benefit, Robinson’s employee model demonstrates its commitment to allowing folks to build a thriving career and live the life they’ve always wanted.

“My goal is to be the best I can be,” says Troy, “I take pride in my work, but I never have to take my work home with me.  I get to be at home when I’m at home, which is so important to me and my family.”

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