Proud to be
Employee Owned

At Robinson, we are all vested in our company’s success. That’s because we are 100% employee owned. See what the benefits of working for an employee-owned company will mean for you.

What does it mean to be employee-owned?

Employee ownership, established through our Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), is a long-term, wealth-building employee benefit in which employees hold 100% of Robinson stock. Employees earn Robinson stock shares each year inside a retirement savings trust.

The ESOP provides employees with an opportunity to share in long-term benefits they help create. Being among the 100% employee-owned companies is a huge benefit for our team and Robinson.


Join Our Team

When you join the Robinson team, you will:
  • Receive a valuable retirement benefit at no cost [After meeting elegibility requirements]
  • Share in the value our business generates over time
  • Work with people who care about working collaboratively for shared success
  • Grow long-term wealth through quality work each employee does every day

Benefits of an

Robinson is among a unique group of companies that have 100% employee ownership. While the number of ESOP companies in the United States is relatively small, the benefits are great. ESOP companies tend to perform better and be more stable. Employees of ESOP companies also have much to gain.

You, as an individual, have a stake in Robinson’s long-term success by thinking long-term and producing quality work.

ESOP employees who also contribute to a 401(k) can save about 2.5 times more for retirement than those who don’t.

Because ESOP companies perform better, there is less likelihood for layoffs during an economic downturn.

Join the Robinson team

Robinson is a great company that was built on the culture  of our founders. We are proud to have stabilized the future of our company through employee ownership. Are you ready to enjoy the benefits of an employee-owned company?