Power Generation,

Many genset enclosure manufacturers stop at fabrication. Not Robinson. We simplify your life by completing the entire project and drop ship it to the job site.


Have confidence in our expertise

Power generation is critical to our everyday lives. When needed, backup power systems keep data centers, hospitals and other crucial businesses online. As a quality-driven organization, we have passed some of the most stringent certifications and qualifications–including status as a UL 2200 facility–to be a trusted genset supplier. In fact, power generation is one of the focal points of our business.

End t0 End Solutions

We do it all, from start to finish

Our expertise goes beyond being a generator enclosure manufacturer. Once we are done fabricating your enclosure, our talented team can install control panels, cables, fans, fire and gas detection, and ventilation, and connect your engine to the fuel source. Our team will tie it all together and conduct factory acceptance testing to ensure performance.

Some of the best-known genset companies feel so confident in our expertise, they deliver their product to be installed in our newly fabricated enclosure and let us do the rest. It’s seamless and problem-free.

A Focus on
Noise Reduction.

The noise from a generator can cause several issues. More than just a nuisance, the noise can be a health risk and make companies non-compliant with local ordinances and regulations.

Our genset acoustic enclosure design includes acoustic baffles and other sound-dampening material, which reduces the noise level significantly. In fact, Robinson has become a market leader in sound attenuation.

We Start with the Problem

There are times when customers have come to us with a specific challenge to overcome. That’s when we shine as a genset enclosure manufacturer. We take the approach of starting with the problem and working backwards on how to solve it.

Here are a few examples of how we solved power generation challenges:

  • Robinson overcame logistical nightmares delivering two custom genset units to a New York City skyscraper. We successfully overcame installation challenges that included street parking time restrictions and a massive winter storm.
  • We have stacked gensets when needed, and have even installed two gensets side by side and then stacked another two on top of that.
  • We creatively designed and built exhaust funneling from a genset to meet EPA requirements.

When your project has left you scratching your head, trust in Robinson’s innovation to give you an extra hand.

As a genset enclosure manufacturer, our ultimate goal is to take care of you, our customer, by seeing your project through to shipment and installation. When you need a generator enclosure, consider how Robinson brings you peace of mind.