Paper Industry Metal Fabrication

Located in the heart of paper production country, Robinson has a long history in paper processing equipment fabrication.


Our experience runs deep

Paper production is a highly competitive industry. At Robinson, our experience in paper industry metal fabrication runs deep. Located in the heart of Wisconsin’s paper production, Robinson has been depended on to fabricate parts and equipment with shorter lead times to keep high-demand paper consumables in production.

Work with Robinson

Technical skills, collaboration deliver value

Paper machines and converting rolls are custom and unique, fabricated by manufacturers who specialize in the industry. Quite often, however, other paper processing equipment fabrication needs arise, whether that be smaller machines, containers, frames or replacement parts. This is where Robinson’s skill shines.

Robinson will work in collaboration with paper producers or paper processing equipment manufacturers to design and fabricate the components needed to bring a new piece of equipment into production or provide replacement parts to keep current machines running.

We understand the wear and tear heavy paper rolls can take on equipment. Our team, with access to a wide range of equipment, delivers high-tolerance fabrication and heavy weldments that stand up to daily rigor.

Replacement parts?
No problem.

Paper processing machines are unique. That means their parts are unique, too. Robinson’s paper industry metal fabrication expertise includes producing custom replacement parts.

Paper manufacturers that produce consumables cannot afford downtime. Because equipment is often in need of maintenance and repair, these manufacturers rely on Robinson to produce parts for inventory.

In fact, we aligned with one multinational company on its maintenance program to create, through heavy machining and welding fabrication, unique parts that became standard for their inventory. Once designed, these parts became easy to produce for a stocked inventory to keep machines running.

Robinson’s experience in paper industry metal fabrication is unmatched. Plus, our ability to take your project from design to fabrication to complete assembly is also rare in the industry. See how we can provide value to your paper processing needs. Contact us today.