Precision Fabrication
for Military & Defense

Robinson takes pride in serving defense partners with a wide range of military equipment metal fabrication services.


Able to meet stringent military specifications (MIL-SPECS)

Government entities and their OEM contractors rely on heavy fabrication  services that can meet strict specifications. After all, whether for military vehicles, ships or weaponry, parts and components must stand up to the test of rugged terrains and combat situations to keep armed forces safe around the globe.

Robinson’s disciplined manufacturing processes and capabilities in meeting MIL-SPECS have made us a reliable supply chain partner for companies serving the military and defense industry.


A dedicated partner with in-house capabilities

When you work with Robinson, you get more than metal fabrication. Bring us your idea or your problem, and our expert engineering team will deliver a solution to meet your needs. Once we begin the metal fabrication process, our experienced fabricators, along with our testing and inspection team, ensure we meet the stringent MIL-SPECS to deliver the highest quality product the military and defense industry demands.

No matter if your project requires a MIL-certified welder or a machinist with precision manufacturing capabilities, we can complete your project in-house. With expansive facilities and a wide range of equipment, we do not outsource military equipment metal fabrication services. For you, the means you will receive a product made to the highest standard in a shorter lead time.

Our in-house capabilities also include painting and coating  services. Whatever we fabricate, we also paint. We understand and adhere to the strict paint standards for military applications.

We know our partners and, ultimately, government entities are putting their trust in us to deliver a reliable product. We don’t take that knowledge lightly. When it comes to military equipment metal fabrication, our products have proven durability in the field. Plus, because Robinson is a single-source provider, you will have less hassle working with multiple suppliers. Contact us today to learn more.