From Standard to Highly Customized

We manufacture a full line of large-scale industrial pump enclosures that fit a number of applications.


Protecting your pump and people

The best way to protect your pump from the elements and reduce the noise it emits is through an acoustically engineered  pump enclosure. If you have a pump on a skid or mobile trailer, you will want to ensure its protection and the safety of your people with an enclosure that reduces noise and will not damage the equipment. Our acoustic enclosures for pumps are built with sound attenuation that will keep your company compliant when working in municipalities with noise ordinances. They also improve employees’ working conditions.

At Robinson, we partner with you to determine the ideal size of your enclosure. We also are able to build accessories to extend the life of your equipment, including louvers or exhaust fans to keep the motor from overheating. Thanks to our diverse expertise, we can even add HVAC systems, piping and more. We have had customers who put their trust in us to enclose their pump on a trailer and get it certified for the road.

At Robinson, our priority is meeting your specifications in industrial pump enclosure design, fabrication and assembly. As a single-source supplier, we deliver quality and timeliness with every enclosure. See how easy it is to work with us on your next project.