In-house Heavy Metal Fabrication

What others may have to outsource, Robinson can deliver in-house. When your project requires heavy fabrication services, trust the quality of just one vendor, Robinson.

A wide range of capabilities

As an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), you will appreciate our comprehensive scope of custom fabrication services that include heavy weldments, AWS complex heavy fabrication and machining.

Robinson is able to be your single-source heavy fabrication services provider thanks to investment in equipment and production space to support your project. Our team excels at a wide range of fabrications, including structural fabrication, heavy custom machined weldments, stainless steel fabrication and high alloy steel fabrication. We are able to produce tight-tolerance weldments that may require pre- and post-weld machining.

We Are Equipped
to do the Job

Thanks to our manufacturing versatility, we can tackle projects of any size or complexity.

Our equipment includes:

  • 28 cranes at our 185,000-square-foot De Pere, Wisconsin, facility. These cranes range from one-half ton to 30 tons with 27 feet under the hook for 120 tons of lifting capacity.
  • 8 cranes at our 178,000-square-foot De Pere 2 facility. These cranes range from 10 to 20 tons with 16 feet under the hook.
  • 9 cranes at our 112,084-square-foot Manitowoc, Wisconsin, facility. These cranes range from 10 to 40 tons with 29 feet under the hook for 120 tons of lifting capacity, and are complimented by a Combilift Straddle Carrier with 70-ton lifting capacity.

Quality Control Brings Peace of Mind

Heavy metal fabrication is complex. It needs to be completed to the customer’s standard–if not, rework is costly and a significant time delay. Through decades of experience, along with our ISO 9001:2015 certified quality assurance program, we ensure your heavy metal fabrication project is completed to the highest quality standard. Plus, our AWS Certified Weld Inspectors (CWIs) implement internal and customer-required hold points to ensure we meet or exceed all code and project requirements.

Our ability to complete your project in-house keeps the quality of machining and weldments under our control. That means you will have peace of mind knowing quality remains consistent throughout your project, from engineering and design to delivery and installation.

Robinson is ready to take on the challenges of your heavy metal fabrication with expansive facility space, modern equipment, a highly trained workforce and quality assurances. By working with us, you will enjoy the ease and fast turnaround that only a single-source supplier can provide.