Modern Solution for Today’s Needs

Robinson delivers fully equipped battery energy storage systems (BESS) with performance capabilities that go beyond the ISO containers of the past.


Where Custom is Standard

With rising demand to store energy for peak consumption hours or during power outages, utility  and energy  companies rely on battery energy storage systems to meet these needs. Robinson has been supporting these industries for more than 30 years, providing structural, electrical and design expertise for energy applications.


Standardization is common in the BESS industry, but we know not every project fits into a single battery energy storage system design. While many BESS suppliers are delivering solutions in (or using) ISO containers, we do more. Because our team is experienced with a variety of structural concepts, we design for your specific application. Our designs provide the greatest reliability, performance, protection from the elements and product lifespan, while keeping efficiency and cost-effectiveness in mind to maximize your ROI.

One Company, Multiple Capabilities

Robinson offers a wide range of capabilities to complete your BESS project through one point of contact. That gives you the option–and ease–to work with one supplier for fabrication, integration and assembly . It is what sets us apart from other BESS suppliers.

With skill sets  that include electrical, automation and controls, mechanical design, engineering , prototyping and manufacturing, we provide more than a shelter for your BESS. Our enclosures integrate safety, diagnostic and management systems you require. That may include cooling features, fire safety, internal monitoring systems, control panel integration and convenient access to components. We then ensure your system is fully integrated and functional during Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) before shipment.

Trust our in-house expertise to provide you with an American-made quality product…

Our contract metal fabrication services take your project from concept to reality. Ask how our Made in America products will deliver dependable performance for your industry.