Taking on Heavy
Equipment Fabrication

If your industry requires rugged parts and equipment that are built to last, you can trust Robinson’s heavy equipment fabrication expertise to take on some of your toughest challenges.


We will keep you moving

Agriculture, construction, mining, shipbuilding. Those are just a few of the industries that rely on heavy metal fabrication  that can stand up to the job. We pay attention to every detail from the start so that you can feel confident your equipment will meet quality specifications, be durable and keep operators safe in the field.

At Robinson, we have made investments in expansive facility space, lifting capacity, equipment, testing, painting and coating capabilities, and team member development so that we are able to complete your heavy equipment fabrication job from start to finish.


Equipped to take on your project

Whether you need parts, assemblies  or sub-assemblies, the Robinson team has the know-how and access to the best equipment to tackle your heavy metal fabrication project.

Heavy equipment fabrication projects often involve thick carbon steel that requires significant lifting capacity. We can rise to the challenge. Cranes at all three of our facilities provide several tons of lifting capacity–some up to 120 tons. We have also invested in specialized machining equipment , including a large boring bar and large bridge mill, something few fabricators have.

Heavy equipment fabrication also involves heavy weldments, and a lot of them. Heat and forming of weldments and sub assemblies can often distort or introduce stress to the materials. When that happens, we can either send the part out for heat treating or machine it back into tolerance in house.

Before we turn your project over to you, we conduct non-destructive testing to ensure the welds will withstand whatever your equipment delivers. If necessary, we can bring a team in to X-ray the welds so that you can rest assured you are receiving the highest quality product.

Using multiple vendors to complete your heavy equipment fabrication project can be time-consuming and could affect the quality you require. Trust Robinson to be your single-source heavy fabrication provider. We have the equipment, facility capacity and know-how to get your job done how you need it and when you need it.