Quality Industrial Acoustic Enclosures

To us, your enclosure is more than just a box, especially when it needs to be acoustically engineered. We make sure our noise enclosures fit your specific needs.

Small details, big difference

Power generation  for hospitals, police stations, data centers and more often are found in city centers where ordinances restrict the level of noise that comes from the back-up power’s engine. But there is more to building an acoustically engineered enclosure than providing an adequate sound barrier. It also has to stand up to whatever Mother Nature delivers.


We know the small details that go into engineering and design, fabrication and assembly  of your enclosure  makes a big difference in its lifespan and in the safety of people living and working within the vicinity of the back-up power. When manufacturing industrial acoustic enclosures, we make sure the design and construction closely fit the environment.


A Stand-out in Noise Control

When we take on an acoustically engineered enclosure, we consider both sides of the sound equation: How many mechanical noise decibels is the equipment inside the enclosure putting out? And, what decibel level do we need to reach for the end-user to remain safe and compliant? With that knowledge in hand, we then design and fabricate to dampen the sound and absorb noise through sound attenuation.

Because every project has its own variations in the equation, we do not offer a standard enclosure package. Every project we complete is different.

Plus, our projects hit the mark. Our noise enclosure projects consistently meet specifications–even the critical sound attenuation enclosures. We are trusted to take the projects others simply will not do because they cannot meet the stringent decibel levels dictated by the application. We can, and we do.

Ask us about a complete industrial acoustic enclosure package:

  • Custom turnkey packages
  • Enclosures packaged around your equipment and accessories
  • Aluminum, stainless steel or galvannealed construction
  • Skid mounting
  • Trailer mounting
  • Weather protection
  • IBC-, BOCA-, NEC-, NFPA-compliant
  • Modified ISO container packages

Because we are capable of providing end-to-end completion of your industrial acoustic enclosure, we maintain control over timelines and quality. That gives you peace of mind that your enclosure is built to your exact specifications. Get started today.

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