Delivering Efficiency

As a single-source supplier, we do more than build an enclosure or process system. Through our industrial machine assembly services, we bring all the parts and pieces together for a complete project.


Reliable, complete assemblies

More and more OEMs are relying on contract manufacturers like Robinson to provide complete turnkey solutions. With about 525,000 square feet of manufacturing space and nearly 600 skilled team members, we are able to deliver fully skidded projects with specialized subassembly services. Rather than dedicating your valuable employee time and facility space to assembling your projects, you can take advantage of our diverse expertise in design, fabrication and assembly.

The result is a plug-and-play project, drop shipped to your end customer and ready for installation. We know that it is your name and reputation on the line when the project arrives. That’s why we treat your project as if it were our own, ensuring it arrives safely and built to your exact specifications.

Trusted end-to-end assembly

We can perform every aspect of industrial machine assembly services, including fabricating a base frame, machining  precision parts and monitoring quality control. If your project involves structural welding or ASME pressure tanks and piping , our in-house certified weld inspectors, as well as third-party inspectors, will ensure compliance with applicable codes.

Our full range of machine assembly services simplifies your life and delivers peace of mind.

Robinson engineering and design

Engineering and design

When we participate in entire projects, from fabrication through assembly, we have the ability to put another set of eyes on your project. Sometimes that results in our team of mechanical engineers and designers offering suggestions on more efficient ways to build and assemble your project. That can save you time and money.

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automation controls

Automation and controls

Customers also rely on our automation and controls capabilities. Unlike other metal fabricators, we are able to deliver fully skidded systems with integrated controls. We can integrate control panels, lighting, fire systems, smoke detection, cables and other systems into our scope of supply.

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factory acceptance testing

Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT)

Our team also is able to complete Factory Acceptance Testing within our facility before your project ships. Conducting FAT is key in preventing costly delays as your project is brought online.

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When you ask Robinson to complete industrial machine assembly services, you benefit from having a single point of contact throughout the life of your project. You also will enjoy open and responsive communication, a shorter lead time and greater quality control. Let’s get started on your project.