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Energy Partner

When you are ready to launch your clean energy project, we are here to help with renewable energy equipment that will make your vision a reality.


We excel at innovation

Clean energy applications are being developed at lightning speed, and what was new just years or even months ago is being adapted and scaled as needs change. No matter where you are in the clean energy space–wind, solar, carbon capture, electrolysers or something else–you need a renewable energy equipment partner that matches your innovation. Robinson is often sought after for our fabrication and integration capabilities. From engineering support to PLC controls to fabrication and everything in between, we are able to bring your idea to life.

Work with Robinson

It Starts with Collaboration

We believe a successful renewable energy project starts with collaboration. After all, your project is highly sophisticated, requiring you to have trusting relationships with industry partners. We at Robinson are willing to invest in this relationship, knowing there will be challenges to overcome. By pairing your vision and our design and fabrication expertise, together we will overcome those challenges.

As you develop a way to create energy cleanly, you look for a partner who can not only bring your project to fruition with fabrication, but also one that can help you in the design phase. That is where Robinson excels. With our Design for Manufacturing support, we can provide input on how to build your project efficiently and cost-effectively.

Once the design is in place, we start with a prototype, test it, reiterate, and upon success, help you launch your product for market.

Thanks to our extensive manufacturing space and highly talented team members, we have the ability to fabricate and assemble every piece of your renewable energy equipment, including gears, valves, pipes, motors, control panels and more. Very few renewable energy equipment manufacturers do what Robinson does. Most companies will fabricate a few of the many components you need, causing you to work with many vendors rather than a single-source provider. At Robinson, we do it all.

Our willingness to invest in a partnership with renewable energy companies, as well as our ability to manufacture and assemble an entire piece of renewable energy equipment has led to special relationships in the industry. “I’m glad I found you,” is an often-expressed sentiment. Are you ready to launch your project? Then we are ready to help. Contact us today.