Able to Tackle Projects of any Size

Robinson’s industrial coating and metal painting capabilities, including color matching, cover a wide range of products, from small parts to semitrailer-sized enclosures.

Capabilities Rare in the Industry

With 90,000 square feet of production space dedicated to pre-treating, painting and coating products, Robinson is one of very few metal fabrication companies that can complete a project end-to-end in-house with industrial coating and metal painting services. We have invested in washers, dryers, ovens and a media blast room so that we can handle any sized project.

Because of our capabilities, you can feel confident your project is completed to the highest level of quality during every step of the process, from fabrication  to assembly  to painting and coating. In addition, we located our assembly area adjacent to the paint lines so that we minimize production time and get your project shipped to its destination as soon as possible.

Providing the Ultimate Protection

Robinson painting pre-coating

Pre-treating Enhances Paint, Coating

To ensure our paint or powder coating applications are long-lasting, we remove dust and mill residue through a blasting process using aluminum oxide. At that time, we also apply an anchor profile to materials such as sheet metal to enhance coating adhesion.

If your project will be susceptible to corrosion and oxidation, we have the ability to pre-treat and protect the metal surface using either iron phosphate or zirconium.

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Robinson powder coating

Powder Coating Protection

The vast majority of our projects involve applying a wet paint, but many custom enclosures  customers are seeking out our industrial coating services to add to the product’s durability. That’s because our powder coatings stand up to scratches, nicks and corrosion.

A single-step coating process is common among manufacturers. However, we ensure a longer lifespan for your project with a two-step process. We first apply a zinc-rich primer before applying the powder coating. Through a baking process, the coating bonds to the primer for exceptional adhesion.

Industry-standard coatings yield about 1,000 hours of protection against salt spray, sun and moisture. Robinson’s two-step coating process extends that protection to 5,000 hours.

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With our full array of in-house industrial coating and metal painting services, you can rest assured your project will be completed to the highest quality standard so it stands up to the harshest environments. Get a premium product within a shorterlead time with Robinson.