Safety Always
Comes First

As a leader in metal fabrication, safety is our Number 1 priority. Our goal is to have an injury-free workplace so that our team members return home healthy each day.

Taking Action to Improve Safety

Our efforts to maintain exceptional safety in manufacturing are more than hollow words on the walls of our facilities. We have made safety an integral part of our culture. We have safety committees at all three production facilities. The committees include employees from all levels of the company and various departments. Member term limits ensure more employees become engaged in safety awareness and education.


We have also created an Emergency Response Team at each facility, and we proactively focus on safety by including it in the new employee onboarding process.

Striving for Safety Excellence

We believe safety is everyone’s responsibility. Our employee-owners and leaders have pledged a commitment to excellence in safety with the goal of zero accidents among team members and subcontractors.

This target isn’t always easy to achieve in manufacturing environments. The best practices of yesterday may no longer be a best practice today. Because metal fabrication safety is ever-evolving, our team is always on the lookout for better ways to work efficiently and safely.

We are proud of the many ways safety has made a difference for our employees and our company:

  • We have recorded an excellent Experience Modification Factor (EMF) rating, which calculates our risk level compared to other similar companies.
  • We have re-certified to the ISO 9001:2015 Standard, proving Robinson meets global standards for business operations, which instills confidence and credibility with customers.
  • We have been honored with numerous workforce development and manufacturing awards of distinction.

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