Robinson Metal Enhances Its Laser Cutting Capabilities

Robinson Metal Enhances Its Laser Cutting Capabilities

New Fiber Laser Machine Increases Efficiency and Reduces Lead Times

Robinson Metal, Inc. is using a new fiber laser machine to enhance laser cutting efficiency and reduce project lead times. The laser is an example of the company’s commitment to investing in technology for the future.

“As a single-source metal fabrication supplier, we have a responsibility to our customers to maintain our position as a leader in laser cutting in Wisconsin,” said Jamie Tilkens, Fabrication and Machining Division Manager at Robinson Metal. “Our new fiber laser allows us to process material at a much faster rate than was possible with our older equipment.”

From a production standpoint, the upgraded laser features enhanced reliability and reduced operational maintenance. The result is minimal downtime and quicker production timelines.

The laser cutting process also is enhanced, with a more consistent beam emitted from a single optic. The fiber laser machine is able to run thinner material at a rate five times faster than traditional laser technology.

“We have incorporated the new fiber laser machine into our load and unload automation system for even faster production capability,” Tilkens said. “The combination of advanced technology and our highly skilled workforce will enhance our reputation as a leader in all facets of metal fabrication.”

Robinson Metal leverages advanced technology throughout its plant to fulfill orders for customers in a wide range of industries. For example, a boring bar featuring computer numerical control (CNC) technology accurately produces round metal parts within exceptionally tight tolerances.

About Robinson Metal, Inc.

Robinson Metal operates out of a custom-designed, 175,000-square-foot modern facility that also features a segregated stainless steel fabrication area. The company is a single-source metal fabrication supplier, employing approximately 300 people at its facilities in De Pere, Wisconsin. Its four divisions include: Fabrication Machine; Pipe and Vessel; Robinson Custom Enclosures; and Robinson Heating and Cooling.

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