Automated process devices make manufacturers more efficient

PHC Laner

Product Handling Concepts delivers reliable automated process devices

The demand for reliable and accurate automated process devices continues to increase as manufacturers and material handlers look to streamline operations and maximize revenue. Product Handling Concepts (PHC), a division of Robinson Metal, Inc., designs automated devices that serve a variety of industries and complete a wide range of functions.

Product redistribution companies rely on material handling fabrication and automated process devices to standardize their operations and generate predictable results. Just as important in this era of low unemployment is the ability to use automated process devices in place of workers to monitor critical production steps.

“Our customers are requesting these devices that they can count on for non-stop performance,” says Jim Livermore, PHC sales manager. “This allows their workforce to focus on value-added tasks rather than often-monotonous observation duties.”

Automated process devices also control complex steps

In addition to monitoring routine process points, automated process devices also prove valuable in controlling complex operations that require a level of pinpoint accuracy beyond what is possible from human operators.

PHC engineers work with process design teams to identify and develop automated devices that maximize equipment capabilities without sacrificing accuracy. Reducing injury rates is an equally important benefit when considering whether to automate a process.

“These devices are a necessity rather than a luxury when it comes to ensuring efficient operations,” Livermore says. “With margins continually under pressure, product handlers are increasingly aware that strategically automating at least a portion of their processes is their ticket to growth.”

Customers are able to leverage PHC’s position as a division of Robinson Metal for simplicity of communication and quality assurance excellence. Testing at all inspection points ensures consistent performance and a solid return on investment delivered by PHC’s automated process devices.

About Robinson Metal, Inc.

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