Latest PHC projects highlight benefits of engineered solutions

Latest PHC projects highlight benefits of engineered solutions

The Product Handling Concepts (PHC) team has been busy designing custom solutions that enhance efficiency and worker safety for a variety of industrial applications. As a division of Robinson Metal, Inc., PHC offers the strength and skill set diversity of one of the largest metal forming and fabricating companies in the United States. Our ability to complete complex projects is simplified with a single point of contact for increased efficiency.

Here is a rundown of some of PHC’s most recent engineered solutions:

Bottle Conveyor

This ingenious bottle orientation with vision system automatically identifies labels and orients bottles for consistent label or ink jet application. Designed for ease of changeover, this bottle relabeling line accommodates a wide range of color, transparency and luminosity combinations.

  • Accurate, servo-controlled orientation operates at up to 30 bottles per minute
  • Fully configured recipe selections on the control screen

Wrapper Conveyor

Many older food production plants, such as process cheese facilities, are not blessed with an abundance of system-friendly open space. This wrapper conveyor is designed to navigate challenging paths in tight spaces while maintaining high speeds.

  • Customized to each application, the conveyor can be mounted to the interfacing equipment
  • Engineered material combinations for optimal performance
  • Available at several sanitary design levels

Retractable Conveyor

Attractive product placement can involve arrangements that reach beyond simple stacking. This retractable conveyor features retracting nose conveyors for consistent product placement in a tray.

    • More than 30 retract/extend cycles per minute
    • Long retracting distance of 30 inches, controlled by a servo motor
    • Small-radius transfer point keeps product and the tray close together

Hydraulic Tilt Tables

Large, rolled product presents its own challenges when it comes to product handling system design and worker safety. These hydraulic tilt tables are engineered for ease of product handling and minimal foundational expense.

    • V-groove, angled bed for manual product loading and unloading
    • Low profile body and base puts the pick point flush to the floor, minimizing concrete work for installation
    • Barrier guarding and safety light curtains promote safe usage

For more information on these projects or to discuss new projects, contact us at or call (920) 494-7411.