Motor driven rollers (MDR) provide accumulation control

Robinson Inc Product Handling

Product Handling Concepts produces MDR conveyor for efficient accumulation

Product accumulation capabilities make motor driven roller conveyors a popular investment for customers looking to get the most out of their case (and other medium to large product) handling systems. Product Handling Concepts (PHC), a division of Robinson Metal, Inc., designs and builds custom product handling solutions for a wide range of industries. Part of their portfolio includes motor driven rollers systems commonly found in conjunction with palletizers, sortation systems and work cells.

The MDR conveyor consists of zones of idle rollers connected to a driving roller that has a motor and gearbox contained within its body. Each zone can be controlled based on the line conditions ahead and product availability using built-in control logic. This powerful feature allows motor driven rollers to achieve on-demand running and zero pressure accumulation.

Simple and versatile, motor driven rollers technology can be a value-added alternative to belt and chain driven live roller conveyors

PHC offers MDR conveyors with a wide range of speed and load capabilities from higher speed case distribution to pallet handling systems normally associated with a chain driven live roller (CDLR).

“Even in pallet handling applications, motor driven rollers are used. It’s a great way to cut down on the number of AC motors and gearboxes that would be used on CDLR solutions,” explains Jim Livermore, PHC sales manager.

The zero pressure accumulation feature of MDR provides product accumulation without any product-to-product contact. Merging, diverting and orientation changes can also be done without product-to-product contact and often do not require extra traffic control devices such as clamps and metering belt.

Our design team develops systems that deliver performance with our customer’s product quality in mind. Whether its eliminating contact with zero pressure accumulation MDR or maintaining nonwoven clip integrity with the unique sweep laner conveyor, PHC understands quality.

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