Ride our Momentum to a faster wipes system

Momentum wipes canister loader

Wipe out the competition with a Robinson custom system

If there is one thing that has become apparent during the global coronavirus pandemic, it’s that the definition of business as usual can change in a heartbeat.

That’s good news for your canister and flat pack lines, since demand for products such as disinfectant wipes has gone through the roof. The challenge now lies in finding ways to enhance throughput on your canister and flat pack lines so you can get products out the door faster than ever.

The Momentum wipes canister loader from Robinson can help you keep up with market demand. With the capability of loading up to 250 containers per minute, the Momentum can power your line to run at approximately double the rate you are now.

Imagine the impact that level of throughput could have on your bottom line!

Our product handling experts can provide a full turn-key wipes line from winder to case packing or customize your existing line with upgrades as needed.

Learn more about the Momentum loader and our canister line enhancement capabilities during the Virtual World of Wipes (WOW®) 2020 International Conference. We are hosting a virtual tabletop exhibit August 25-26 as part of the all-virtual conference.

There has never been a better time to enhance efficiencies on your wipes line. To learn more about the Robinson team and how we provide greater operational value, go to https://www.robinsoninc.com/.