Robinson’s packaging conveyor expertise fits food grade needs

Robinson PH packaging conveyor

Sanitary design, traffic management support efficient product manipulation

Sanitary design has been a focus of packaging conveyor manufacturers of food grade products for years, but never more so than the present as producers seek to protect their customers and workforce from contagions. Robinson’s product handling expertise is helping manufacturers meet food grade standards and maximize efficiencies.

Robinson’s packaging conveyor expertise ranges from midstream technology such as modular conveyors, accumulators and diverters for traffic management through carton packers and palletizers at the end of the production line. Robinson can help integrate new product handling equipment or optimize existing equipment within production lines.

Stainless steel construction forms the basis of our packaging conveyor systems because of its ease in cleaning. Stainless steel designs minimize crevices available for bacteria to collect and grow. As part of sanitary design, we can add stainless steel catch trays under packaging conveyor lines for easy cleaning and sanitary work environments.

Workforce safety concerns are more important today than ever, with employee distancing and staff accommodation now part of production floor logistics. Robinson can optimize line layouts and integrate Plexiglas dividers into packaging conveyor designs as an additional safeguard.

Product manipulation requires packaging conveyor flexibility

If there is one thing we can count on when it comes to manufacturing facilities, it’s that no two are alike in terms of layout or process. Our modular conveyor capabilities come into play with the ability to design packaging conveyor systems that support the uniqueness of your operations.

Polished welded construction is a major aspect of sanitary design. This seamless technique is superior to the alternative of bolting together stainless steel segments, which creates the type of bacteria-holding crevices that food grade producers want to avoid.

Our end-of-line packaging conveyor technologies include automated case packers and palletizers that further enhance workforce safety and throughput efficiencies.

About Robinson, Inc.

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