Powder coating metal process extends lifespan of metal enclosures

Robinson powder coating metal

Robinson enhances quality control with in-house powder coating capabilities

Robinson’s upgraded powder coating metal capabilities deliver extra protection for emergency power systems, energy storage systems and other metal enclosures that are exposed to the elements. Robinson brought its in-house powder coating capabilities on line early in 2020 and will double its capacity by spring 2021 to meet increasing demand.

While the vast majority of Robinson’s paint projects involve wet paint applications, powder coating metal enclosures and other custom enclosures is a growing service due to the incredible durability it provides. Scratches, nicks and corrosion stand little chance against this level of protection.

Robinson’s color-matching capabilities for liquid formulas are similar to what retailers provide for consumers. Our customers commonly provide a color sample from which our team produces a match.

Bringing the full array of painting capabilities in-house enables us to deliver superior quality control at every step of the process from pre-wash all the way through application and final assembly. The assembly area of our plant is adjacent to our paint lines, which further minimizes production times to get your enclosures out the door and on the way to your destination as quickly as possible.

Powder coating metal enclosures protects them from harsh elements

Super-durable powder coating is an industry standard that typically yields 1,000 hours of protection against salt spray, one of nature’s harshest challenges. It is common for manufacturers to use a single-step process that applies a coating directly to metal.

Robinson’s two-step system involves application of a zinc-rich primer followed by the powder coating layer. Before it fully cures, we send it through a baking process in which the powder coat re-softens. This allows the top coat of color to bond to the primer for exceptional adhesion.

The result is a remarkable 5,000 hours of protection against salt spray, intense sun and moisture. The investment in powder coating metal enclosures more than makes up for itself in the extended lifespan of the asset.

About Robinson, Inc.

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