Accumulating conveyors keep products flowing at an even rate

Robinson Inc. accumulating conveyors

Adjustable speeds help your team avoid bottlenecks and complete line shutdowns

Conveyor systems are very efficient at moving products from station to station, but what happens when a backup occurs downstream in your operations? If your plant is like most, workers must choose between an inefficient, hurried solution or potentially shutting down the complete production line until they can make corrections. Accumulating conveyors from Robinson can provide a more effective solution.

The objective behind accumulating conveyors is to maintain control over product flow rates so backups do not affect downstream processes. Rather than hitting the red “Stop” button as the only option, accumulating conveyors allow workers to manage the incoming product supply until downstream events can catch up.

Robinson works with customers to design accumulating conveyors at appropriate points in the production process. Conveyor sections can include manual or automated control options to create opportunities for recovery times. This, in turn, can help avoid full line shutdowns and inconsistent restarts.

Accumulating conveyors include fabricated holding spaces and software

Robinson’s expertise in the fabrication and programming of product handling equipment provides you with a one-stop source for accumulating conveyors, retractable conveyors and many other product handling applications.

Accumulation areas are key components of manufacturing production lines. These areas allow products to accumulate in an orderly fashion as opposed to stacking up and creating problems downstream. If you’ve ever seen the classic “I Love Lucy” episode where Lucy and Ethel go to work in a candy factory, their struggles with product flow are exactly the situations accumulating conveyors are designed to prevent.

Our designers can work with your team to develop conveyor solutions specific to your processes and plant floor layout. You can count on us to integrate accumulating conveyors into existing lines or design a full, turnkey system that takes your products from Point A to Point B.

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