Robinson goes beyond basic stainless tank fabrication

Robinson Inc. Robinson goes beyond basic stainless tank fabrication

Frames and other skidded packages are part of our expertise

Stainless tank fabrication for most metal fabricators begins and ends with the tank itself. But what if you need more? An integrated frame, a mixer, vessel internals, or automation and controls which require factory acceptance testing prior to shipping. Robinson is a single-source solutions provider for all these services.

Robinson’s expertise in stainless tank fabrication ranges from standard 304 and 316 stainless through premium nickel-based alloys. The chemical compositions of these materials serve as the baselines for corrosion resistance in the final applications. Our experience working with multiple grades of material for specific corrosive applications ensures a long life for your equipment in the field .

The stainless tank fabrication capabilities at Robinson include a wide range of weld processes and procedures. In addition to multiple WPS’s, Robinson has the ability to meet cleanliness standards for the pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and dairy industries.

Welding procedures are key to stainless tank fabrication

Welding expertise is a crucial element in stainless tank fabrication, and Robinson has this covered in spades. We have a substantial number of approved weld procedures to cover a wide range of materials and thicknesses. In addition, our team can finish welds to required specifications including color cleaned ground smooth and flush, and polished weld finishes. Few stainless tank fabrication shops have the range of weld procedures, weld finishing and skid fabrication capabilities all under one roof.

At Robinson, we bring more to the table than simply making the tank. Our extensive manufacturing capabilities provide fully skidded solutions not common in the stainless tank fabrication world. We can integrate your tank with new or existing systems, add peripheral structures such as ladders and platforms, provide automation and controls, and FAT the entire system. That’s where our status among skid package fabricators rises to the top.

These capabilities allow us to take stainless tank fabrication to a more comprehensive level, providing our customers with a one-stop shop for their project needs.

About Robinson, Inc.

Robinson, Inc., is a single-source metal solutions provider based in De Pere, Wisconsin. Robinson offers manufacturing and design expertise in fabrication and machine; pipe and vessel; custom enclosures; product handling; and portable fuel solutions. The company employs more than 500 people at three locations comprising 500,000 square feet of manufacturing space.

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