The tradition continues—our annual Fish Fry was a huge success

Robinson fish fry 2024

Since the mid-80’s, Robinson has had lots of fish to fry—literally. Back in the day when our team was a fraction of what it is today, a handful of our employees spent their weekends ice fishing. Proud of their catch, they would designate a single day to share it with the Robinson team via an on-premise Fish Fry. Today, that tradition continues but on a much grander scale.

With the Robinson team nearly at 600 employees, the annual Fish Fry has grown from a casual gathering to an informal corporate event. Each year, the Fish Fry welcomes our team, their loved ones, our vendors, partners and community members. This year was no exception.

On April 26, we got to enjoy the catch as we hosted 1,450 guests at our headquarters in De Pere, Wisconsin. We opened up our production floor, furnished it with plenty of tables and seating, and of course, fryers for the fish. Employees volunteer to do the honors of cooking 825 pounds of walleye for the crowd. All the fixings were on the menu, including 130 lbs. of coleslaw, 175 lbs. of potato salad and 180 lbs. of French fries. As if that weren’t enough, the tradition of a special Fish Fry beer with its own custom-made logo was on hand to commemorate the event.

Robinson’s annual Fish Fry is something that everyone looks forward to and talks about. A tradition for nearly 40 years, there’s no end in sight for this memorable get-together. That’s because we just love how it brings the team, family and friends together over great food and good conversation.

As a company that ensures all team members go home each night proud of the work they do, we couldn’t be more proud of our team and the time we get to spend together over fried walleye and fries.