Delivering Consistent
Machine Quality

If you are an OEM in need of metal parts, you will appreciate Robinson’s custom machining services that deliver accurate, consistent machine quality.

Our investment is your benefit

At Robinson, we have made significant investments in equipment, technology, and recruitment and training of machinists, all of which benefits our customers. Whether you are looking for a custom machined part or stock parts, you can rely on Robinson to deliver precision CNC machining services down to tolerances of .0001 of an inch.

For our customers that specialize in high-quality OEM products, this level of machining is vital to their success. We also hold certification to the ISO 9001:2015 standard, which assures that processes are in place to match your product expectations, every time.

Our machining centers include a range of equipment to meet customer needs. Stock and custom machining services are completed using CNC turning centers, horizontal and vertical CNC milling centers, a CNC bridge mill and a CNC horizontal boring bar. Our trained workforce provides the expertise behind these advanced tools to create finished products that add value to your business.

tight tolerance

Tight Tolerance Parts Verified

If you require tight tolerances on parts, how can you be assured Robinson can deliver? We provide proof. We have invested in a Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) in our De Pere, Wisconsin, facility. This CMM enables us to authenticate accuracy of our machining operations.

At Robinson, we use CMM inspection specifically on very tight tolerance parts, analyzing geometric specifications in three dimensions. The machine’s touch probe can measure parts as large as 1,200 millimeters on the x-axis, 1,800 millimeters on the y-axis and 1,000 millimeters on the z-axis.

By providing you with verification and documentation of the part’s accuracy, you will have peace of mind that our precision CNC machining matches your specifications.

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Machining One of Many Services

More and more, OEMs are looking to onshore production with a U.S.-based partner. Thanks to our investments, we offer more than custom machining services. We are your single-source metal manufacturing supply partner, offering a wide range of contract manufacturing and engineering and design services.

Our capabilities exceed most North American metal shops. Our depth and breadth of services allow you to focus on your core competencies. Also, because your project is American-made, you will enjoy faster turnaround and a more consistent, higher-quality product.

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When you work with Robinson, a single project manager will work at your side from the design of your project through machining and quality verification. Add to that advanced equipment and a dedicated workforce, and you can be assured a successful project outcome. Contact us about our stock or custom machining services.