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Robinson Metal to Expand Operations

Robinson Metal, Inc., is pleased to announce a major expansion of our operations to Manitowoc, Wisconsin, beginning as early as May 1. Our Custom Enclosures Division, which has experienced a 30% increase in business each of the last two years, will be the first to expand into the new facility.


There are multiple reasons behind our decision to initiate operations in Manitowoc, which is less than an hour south of our headquarters in De Pere, Wisconsin. In addition to outgrowing our existing campus and the tight market for skilled labor in the metro Green Bay area, Manitowoc offers the space and skilled workers needed to meet customer demand.


The 112,000-square-foot facility we will be leasing in Manitowoc previously was used for production by the Manitowoc Crane Group, which moved most of its operations out of state in 2016 and 2017. The skilled workforce it left behind, combined with a large facility that features the overhead height and lifting capabilities we need for our manufacturing processes, are perfect fits for this expansion.


We anticipate hiring approximately 30 employees initially for the Manitowoc operations and also will be adding to our workforce in De Pere. We will be adding additional workers to the Manitowoc facility over the next year as our Fab & Machine and Pipe & Vessel divisions also look to expand there.


Robinson Metal is a community-focused company, and we are excited that we can contribute to the Manitowoc economy. We are confident the hard-working and skilled workers who call Manitowoc home will continue the Robinson Metal tradition of providing quality products that meet or exceed our customers’ expectations.