Stainless Steel Fits the Bill for Food Grade Metal Fabrication

Robinson Inc. Food Grade Metal Fabrication

Robinson Fabrication & Machine Supplies High-Quality Components

Stainless steel is the primary component in food grade metal fabrication due to its ease of cleaning and corrosion-resistant properties. Robinson Fab & Machine, a division of Robinson Metal, Inc., supplies a wide range of stainless steel components for customers in the dairy, produce, meat, pharmaceutical and packaging industries.

Federal laws require food grade metal fabrication to meet regulations such as smoothly bonded seams to prevent the accumulation of food particles and dirt. This minimizes the opportunity for microorganism growth.

The National Sanitation Foundation, which develops standards for food processing equipment, offers details on why stainless steel is ideal for food grade metal fabrication. The materials and finishes guide states equipment should be “smooth, corrosion-resistant, non-toxic, stable and non-absorbent under use conditions. Exposed surfaces shall be easily cleanable.”

Food Grade Metal Fabrication Benefits

Robinson Fab & Machine uses stainless steel grades of 304, 304 #4, 304L and 316L in the majority of its food grade metal fabrication products. These non-toxic materials meet regulations that require all equipment to withstand the environment of their intended use, as well as cleaning compounds and sanitizing agents.

“Stainless steel is required by food manufacturers because it does not transfer flavor or odor from one batch to the next,” said Jamie Tilkens, Fab & Machine division manager. “Some of the food grade metal fabrication projects we produce include frames, hoppers, conveyors, guards and other machined components.”

About Robinson Metal, Inc.

Robinson Metal, Inc. operates out of a custom-designed, 185,000-square-foot modern facility that also features a segregated stainless steel fabrication area. The company is a single-source metal fabrication supplier, employing over 300 people at its facilities in De Pere, Wisconsin. Its four divisions include: Fab & Machine; Pipe & Vessel, which specializes in modular skid fabrication; Robinson Custom Enclosures; and Robinson Heating & Cooling.

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