Quality processes differentiate stainless steel tank fabricators

Robinson Inc. stainless steel tank fabricators

Robinson’s attention to cleanliness enhances stainless steel tank quality

Stainless steel tank fabricators need versatile facilities and a highly trained workforce before they can be considered leaders in this specialized manufacturing field. Robinson leverages both capital and personnel assets in the production of stainless steel tanks for a wide range of industrial customers.

We understand our customers have a choice when it comes to stainless steel tank fabricators. That’s why we focus on process excellence in our efforts to deliver a superior corrosion-resistant surface for holding tanks, mixers, and other stainless steel products.

Lifting capacity separates us from other stainless steel tank fabricators

Robinson is one of North America’s foremost large pressure vessel manufacturers as well as a leader among stainless steel tank fabricators. We pair these areas of expertise to build stainless steel tanks as large as five tons, powered by the lifting capacity in our production bays. This provides food-grade and pharmaceutical manufacturers with the scale they need for large-scale operations.

Can you imagine a metal fabrication shop floor that is clean enough to eat off of? That is reality every spring when Robinson hosts an open house fish fry in the main production area of our De Pere facility. This commitment to cleanliness is an example of the lengths we go to in providing a suitable environment for stainless steel manufacturing operations.

Stainless steel tanks are a sound investment for a variety of industrial applications. Stainless steel prevents the accumulation of dirt or food particles, is effective in chemical areas because of its resistance to corrosion, and can withstand harsh sanitizing agents and cleaning compounds. Our customers depend on Robinson’s ability to deliver unmatched quality among stainless steel tank fabricators to optimize their business.

About Robinson Metal, Inc.

Robinson Metal, Inc., is a single-source metal fabrication supplier employing more than 400 people at facilities in De Pere and Manitowoc, Wisconsin. Its six divisions include: Robinson Fab & Machine; Robinson Pipe & Vessel; Robinson Custom Enclosures; Robinson Heating & Cooling; Product Handling Concepts; and Gas Trailer. The company’s three locations comprise 500,000 square feet of manufacturing space.

For more information about Robinson Metal’s capabilities, please call (920) 494-7411, or visit http://robinsonmetal.com/.

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